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50th anniversery of the double helix award: Nobel 2012!

Alfred Nobel’s assets managed and distributed by the Nobel foundation is considered as the highly prestigious award bestowed for outstanding excellence and achievement in the fields of science (physics, chemistry and medicine) and literature. And one added feather to this jewel crown: the Peace prize! The prizes were first awarded in 1901. The Swedish Central bank, in 1968, named a new addition to the award list, for excellence in economic sciences and dedicated it to the memory of Sir Alfred Nobel.

The Nobel foundation is a private institution entrusted to look over the proper execution of this award. The Nobel Prize awarding institutions handle the process of selecting the laureates.  Awards in physics, chemistry and economical science are overlooked by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Nobel assembly in Karolinska Institute handles Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and that of literature is handled by the Swedish Academy. The Norwegian parliament elects the Norwegian Nobel committee that decides the Peace Prize.

The inventor, scientist, entrepreneur and author, Alfred Nobel, was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. He left most of his wealth in 1895 towards the establishment of the Nobel Prize, which was to be awarded annually without distinction in nationality. Among his many achievements was the invention of dynamite, followed by ballistite and gelignite.  The practical utility of his invention “…. ways to kill more people faster than ever before….” as stated by a French newspaper is said to have traumatized him as to how he would be remembered by his predecessors.  As an answer to his concerns the Nobel Prize was born.  In his last will he specified that most of his estate should be converted to a fund and invested in “safe securities”.  Each year the income from this investment was to be distributed to those who during the preceding year have shown outstanding and promising development towards the greatest benefit on mankind.

Follow the Nobel Announcement 2012 LIVE!!

The winners are awarded a medal, a diploma and a sum of money; the amount for 2012 is set at Swedish kronor (SEK) 8.0 million per full Nobel Prize.


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The World Literature Tour by ” The Guardian”

The World Literature Tour by ” The Guardian”

Looking for some new books to satisfy your hunger? Or is it  a need to fill up the encyclopedia of mind with some unread unknown literature from across the world.. well The Guardian has started with their literature tour this year as New Europe as their theme . The focus of this series is that they ask the readers  to suggest the best authors and books from a series of countries, creating an atlas of literature.

Their first stop was Germany, followed by France in the second week and Spain for this week.

It will be an interesting accumulation of a variety of literature from all over Europe to follow down the coming months and we will try to keep updating the list.

“Iceland worthwhile” for Gregory Huges with the Booktrust Teenage prize.

“Iceland worthwhile” for Gregory Huges with the Booktrust Teenage prize.

Gregory Huges first novel “Unhooking the Moon” follows the fascinating road trip of two brothers from Canada to New York in search of their uncle. What makes this trip intriguing was their lack of any information about their uncle, apart from knowing his name and that he is a “drug dealer”. It provably somewhat reflects, or in other words inspired by the author’s personal history involving teenage years spent in a home for wayward boys in Liverpool and a nomadic life in Canada and America. The book seem to have been conceived in a cold, dismal, room in Reykjavik, where the writer spend long nights, pushing himself to the limits to finish without the assurance that it will ever be published.

In 2003, Booktrust Teenage prize was first awarded, to recognise and celebrate the best contemporary writing for teenagers…..Read more

Gabriel García Márquez back with two upcoming publications!

Gabriel García Márquez back with two upcoming publications!

The 83-year-old Colombian author and Nobel prize winner, is at work on a new novel, Agence France-Presse reported. Cristobal Pera, his Random House editor spoke at a presentation in Mexico City on Thursday for Mr. Márquez’s newest release, a book of essays titled “I Didn’t Come to Give a Speech.” ….. Read more

World Peace Day

World Peace Day


Stage set for World Fantasy Awards 2009

China Miéville’s The City and the City and James Enge’s Blood of Ambrose are among those shortlisted even for the Nobel Prize.

Is it crime? Is it science fiction? Is it fantasy? China Miéville’s bizarre tale of a murder investigation, The City and the City, has already won both of the UK’s top science-fiction prizes, and is now lined up for battle in the fantasy arena.

The novel, winner of the Arthur C Clarke and British Science Fiction Association awards, is competing with Blood of Ambrose, a classic sword-and-sorcery fantasy from James Enge, and Kit Whitfield’s tale of the uneasy alliance between humans and mermaids, In Great Waters, on….Read more

The shortlisted World Fantasy Awards ballot for works in 2009 has been announced. The awards will be presented in Columbus OH, October 28-31, 2010.